A Smile is The Sweetest Reward

Working in customer service for years, I’ve often found the most important thing you can give your customers is time, the few minutes it takes to create that feeling of human connection.

A sense of connection is a basic human need. Unfortunately for some of us we can find ourselves isolated and alone especially in our present time with the challenges we are faced with.

Some of my customers really need to have a chat and feel connected more than they need to buy groceries. I may be the only person they have a genuine conversation with all day and I’m aware how much of an impact the way I respond can have. I feel privileged to be part of their day and always hope I made their shopping experience that little bit brighter. Talking with them about their children, grandchildren or pets can bring the sunniest smile to their face and one to mine seeing the positive difference a little banter can bring to their entire demeanour.

I reckon a book can help do the same thing for people. It can create a connection so a reader can feel part of the story, be best friends with the main character, empathise with them, see through their eyes, and experience an adventure running alongside their favourite hero or villain.

I believe I owe it to my audience to put the work in to each of my main characters, so they have the power and strength to carry the reader high on their shoulders for the entirety of the journey.

And just as I believe that it’s an honor to work in service of other human beings, I trust I’m equally blessed to have the opportunity to build a story that might transform a life for the better, assist someone recognise a change they need to make, or that they’re not alone in life. My greatest hope is to be able to create a story that demonstrates the truth; that we are each challenged, we all make mistakes and need a little help sometimes and all of us have the power to change, grow and triumph.

I write for myself because I love it, but I write for you too. If my story can generate a feeling of connection and meaning for my readers, you’ll see me smiling a big bright sunny smile all year long.

So, to everyone I say, “Thank you”.  Thank you for being that special person I write for.

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