Can My Leading Lady Hold Her Own on The Big Screen?

When creating my scenes especially dramatic action-packed scenarios they play out like a movie in my head. I can envisage what my characters look like. I can hear their voices, the different pitch and speech patterns. Spending countless hours planning my novel, embellishing my characters I can’t help but imagine them up on the big screen. I don’t know a thing about screen writing or how different it is in comparison to writing a novel.  I still have my novel writing L plates firmly plastered to my forehead and find I’m learning new things about story telling daily. Probably a good idea to finish my novel first, before I attempt adapting it to script format. Still the idea of screen writing seems exciting and it’s always fun to dream.

In the meantime, I have discovered some amazing software, Final Draft 12, this is a professional screen writing program with a load of features and is widely used by the entertainment industry. I especially like the look of the Enhanced Beat Board and the formatting is to industry standards. I plan to purchase Final draft 12 when I can afford to and of course once my books published. 😉

Once armed with this great software I’m going to take a shot at adapting my novel to screenplay just for the fun and the learning journey it will take me on.

Can I even think of good Logline?

Subjugated by her first crush, Liora ultimately breaks free. Struggling to get back to herself, she realises her ascendance as a woman, discovering an underlying darkness only she can oppose. As events unravel in the sleepy town of Wilstell Ferry, will Liora’s fortitude be enough to save those she loves.”

How’d I do?

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