A Picture Says So much… a Book Cover Says Even More

The general consensus is “have your book cover done professionally” and think of it as an investment to assist with your book’s commercial appeal. My common sense tells me this is definitely accurate, but my creative side is making up book cover images in my head. The practical side is doing the sums of the money it costs just to have it published. Can I save on the book cover if I do it myself? Realistically are the savings worth it? If you’re not on the mark, you sabotage your potential sales and undermine your professionalism.

I have a few artists in the family capable of putting together some stylish artwork for the design. There is an abundance of information on the basic requirements for a good book cover and tips to draw your perspective audience to your work. Making sure your cover provides a sneak peek into the story and denotes the genre your novel exists within are important aspects to include. If you can succeed in having your readers connect with your protagonist from their first glimpse of your book cover, your ahead of the game. I think I can do all that but still, do I want to risk it?

I’ve been considering using Book Brush, its less expensive than some of the other apps I’ve investigated. From what I’ve read its not too complicated to use, has many features and resources. It can help you make regular covers; 3D covers and covers for digital versions. You can add text and stamps easily and search over 1 million free images. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I have a link to Book Brush on my page if you want to check it out.

I’m still early in the conception of my first novel length thriller, I think I have a way to go before I’ll be needing a book cover, so I have ample time to consider my options. I’m feeling inspired by my characters and their adventures to turn the images in my mind into something tangible. Being so invested in them makes me want to be as much a part of the book as I can but I also owe it to my characters to give them my best shot at having their story read. I don’t want our intended audience taking a little taste of the cover and turning away. I want people turning pages and devouring it…

If I have a professional do my cover and I’ve almost convinced myself via this blog post that I ought to, I can offer my sketches as an outline of what I want anyway.

If I do design anything worthy, I’ll post it 😊

What’s your experience, have you had a book cover professionally designed or are you not there yet same as me?

Cover designed with free trial Book Brush

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