Wilstell Ferry …. Home Away from Home.

For my book the town my characters inhabit is a knock-off of the town where I live but smaller. Different name and different people but similar landscape. Some of the places by the river I write about are comparable to places I’ve been around the river at home where I like to fish and go walking.

Wilstell is a lovely inland town, very scenic and spread out with the Ferry River running round its northern borders. There are many walking tracks and reserves in and around the river and some great fishing spots. Plenty of places to conceal a secret or two if that’s your sport.

The area consists of prosperous farming land and the town is rurally orientated as expected. It’s a very clicky place and everyone knows each other’s business, people are resistant to outsiders. Many people who have grown up here just want to escape.

The streets are narrow and the traffic slow, life’s simple in Wilstell Ferry.

There are many charming little boutique style shops with distinctively individual varieties of clothes and elegant homewares for sale. Knotted in amongst these are adorable patisseries, organic and Asian fresh food outlets and the big chain supermarket has its place of course.

One pub is at the centre of town for social gathering and evening entertainment “The Ferry Man’s Bar & Grill”. This lovely pub is where my story will begin. It has a rustic country kind of atmosphere, dark hardwood floors, a unique old teak wooden bar. Along the front of the bar, you’ll find a comfy barstool, soft leather cushions on black steel legs. Behind the bar the mirrored shelves are full of all kinds of outstanding beverages and the lights reflecting off the glass have the bottles appear like performers on a stage enticing you to try their contents. Often, they have live entertainment but no big names just the talent of the local area. Off to the side there are dining tables and seating with plenty a dark corner for a secluded encounter with that someone special.

Against this charming backdrop my characters’ lives filled with hopes and dreams, darkness and desire play themselves out for you to enjoy. Like any country town, its people have their shadows, fears, and mysteries but the Ferry River has the lions share.

Does your story feature a real place, something completely made up or somewhere in between?

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