Got some great characters I love… Now what to do with them?

I have four main characters in my book.

I have written several action scenes with each of them involved, one of these will be the final plot point. I also feel reasonably confident I know the hook for the first chapter.

The first plot point needs some work but is looking promising. What’s tripping me up is the first pinch point, the midpoint and final pinch point. The problem being that I can’t work on these areas properly until I’m sure which character is my protagonist. The main character I had chosen initially doesn’t have as much personal growth and self-awareness over the events of the story as one of my other characters. She has a good character arc but it’s a downward spiral and plays out in the final plot point. One good thing about her is her spiral is relatable. The theme is based on what many of us probably experience, maybe not to her extremes but relevant.

 Another character has a clear character arc of attempting to better themselves, to find redemption. The final plot point emphasises the characters profound change and personal growth and changes how others see him giving it more depth.  He is also relatable but to a lesser extent, but it might just be me relating to her more than him.

I’m stuck trying to work this out. My plan for now is keep going with the writing of my key scenes that I have ideas for and then try to slip everything in my story’s outline and see if I discover the protagonist.

Has anyone else had this same roadblock with your writing?

How did you solve it?

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