Wow…..Inspiration Comes In Any Order

Ideas come to me when I least expect it.

Sometimes at work or when I first wake up, I’m feeding the cat or I’ve had too much wine. When it happens I let it take over and go with the flow.

I’ve realized I’m that person that writes chapters out of order. This isn’t that uncommon and if you can write your last chapter first you probably have an advantage as you know where your story’s going. You have something to write towards rather than striving onwards following an unknown mirage way off in the distance.

Your beginning should mirror your ending to a certain extent so knowing how things pan out helps in doing that.

I have found writing my chapters out of order lets me discover my characters . Ill be lost in a creative bubble, writing… writing.. writing…. The bubble pops and I’m done and I read it as though for the first time and I’m like WTF…. I didn’t even know that about my main characters that I’ve nurtured and planned and helped come to life. I was so invested and still I never knew that was part of your story ????

This is awesome, it makes the writing journey so much more fun, like an adventure. I’ve fallen in love with writing all over again..!!!

Try it, See if you do too..:)

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