Character Arc

Everywhere I look it seems creating an outstanding character arc is crucial to an amazing story line.

I’m going to share what I’ve worked out so far……

You can have positive arcs, negative arcs, flat arcs, destructive arcs and so on and so fourth, but it is always about the development of the characters inner self and the journey they take to get there.

Begin by asking yourself this question….. What internal and external motivating factors are influencing your characters behavior and actions? The answer tells you why your character does what they do. Will your character persevere against all odds and become the hero of your tale or will they fall from grace and destroy their own happiness?

Your character needs a challenge to evolve into something different, for better or worse. Deciding on which way they are headed has more to do with the message you want to convey to your audience, your lead character usually the protagonist drives your story line onwards, while the antagonist gets in the way and trips them up. This conflict is what makes the story interesting.

I now have to work on this for Liora, I think she’s an anti-hero protagonist evolving along a positive character arc with a twist.

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