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  • A Picture Says So much… a Book Cover Says Even More
    The general consensus is “have your book cover done professionally” and think of it as an investment to assist with your book’s commercial appeal. My common sense tells me this is definitely accurate, but my creative […]
  • Wilstell Ferry …. Home Away from Home.
    For my book the town my characters inhabit is a knock-off of the town where I live but smaller. Different name and different people but similar landscape. Some of the places by the river I write […]
  • Got some great characters I love… Now what to do with them?
    I have four main characters in my book. I have written several action scenes with each of them involved, one of these will be the final plot point. I also feel reasonably confident I know the […]
  • Is the first time the hardest ?
    I feel like the first book is going to be the hardest for me. There is so much I don’t know and so much I need to learn. How do I learn to edit? Do I […]
  • Nights Secrets – Chapter ?? (Not sure where this will fit in my book yet)
    Nights Secrets Liora would wake, screaming choking in fear. That night… She could not shake it. How could two brothers be so different. They both suffered the same hardships living with an abusive father and trauma […]
  • Wow…..Inspiration Comes In Any Order
    Ideas come to me when I least expect it. Sometimes at work or when I first wake up, I’m feeding the cat or I’ve had too much wine. When it happens I let it take over […]
  • Writing Dialogue
    I need to learn how to write dialogue This I believe is my biggest weakness and therefore my biggest challenge to overcome. If the dialogue is bad the stories going to be worse. Even just knowing […]
  • Through who’s eyes?
    It’s all about perspective….. Which point of view should I write in? Should I write from only one characters point of view or several and if I choose only one then who? Third-person POV has a […]
  • Character Arc
    Everywhere I look it seems creating an outstanding character arc is crucial to an amazing story line. I’m going to share what I’ve worked out so far…… You can have positive arcs, negative arcs, flat arcs, […]
  • My Leading Lady
    So the first thing I need for my story is my main character. Who will she be? What does she like doing? What will she look like? How exciting to be creating an entirely new being […]
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